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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flu Season and other rants

     It is inevitable that a physical educator for 11-14 year olds is bound to pick up some type of bug that goes around in the school, gym and locker room.  I am confident that I take the correct precautions but eventually it happens, Mr. Wiegner gets sick!  Last friday, I was starting to feel a bit under the weather so i opted for a 0 mile day and "chilled" out friday night (ok, besides going to the green turtle with a friend, I chilled out.)    No such luck!  I woke up feeling pretty bad.  I got into the doctors and the diagnosis was Bronchitis (Kryptonite to a runner).  I knew I would need a few days off, which was fine.  So, I stayed in bed all day saturday and actually began to feel a lot better sunday.  I decided to go over to Tex Paul's sunday night to watch football with some friends (at this point I was on antibiotics for over 24 hours and felt i was on the mend).  Well, at the end of the night, while driving home, I began to feel terrible.  I had Body aches, chills, and my overall feeling was muy terrible!  I woke up the next morning to a 102 degree fever and put the white flag up for the next two days, missing two days of work (never have done that before in one week).  I found out that I not only had a chest infection but on top of it, I got the Flu...
    I took 10 days of running off in total, which was a huge bummer.  I ran yesterday evening with Jordan Snyder from the Kentlands, down Great Seneca Hwy and into Seneca Creek park.  We ran our lake loop which is a touch over 8 miles.  Besides a lot of coughing due to the cold air hitting my bruised lungs, i felt very refreshed.  More importantly, it felt great to get out there and exert some energy.  Afterwards, we met Michelle at Not Your Average Joe's (in the kentlands) for dinner and a drink.  The name appealed to me as I feel that my name is Joe and I am not average.  I asked our waittress if I can show you a photo ID that my legal name is Joe, would you give me a discount.  Her response, "For you, yes." 

Tonight I am running from the Chevy Chase store with Lavar.  Looking for 8 miles. 

In other news:  I had another weekend of exciting home shopping.  I went out with my Realtor Nancy and found some great places.  I was approved for more than I thought I would be approved for and Nancy is forcing me (which i have no complaints of) to take a very conservative approach so this will be easy (I won't have to change my lifestyle much as far as going out when i want and continue with the plan of traveling, which i am planning to do a lot more of!).  I found a brand new Townhome that I have been approved for in Clarksburg Village.  They are building a beautiful town center directly across the street that is to mirror the Kentlands (which really appeals to me).  I need to get more deets but this process has a chance of being shorter than expected, my goal is to be settled and moved in as a first time homeowner by April!  More details to come.

I am excited about the new transformation in Philly to come with Chip Kelly as the new Eagles head coach.  I am amped to see how he uses the offensive weapons that Philly has and what he is going to do in order to fill some big voids on the team (O-Line for sure), Secondary on Defense as well.  What is the quarterback situation.  Michael Vick fits the "Option" style offense that Kelly was responsible for at Oregon.  However, Vick is an injury machine.  Chip Kelly has stated that he is extremely impressed and always has been with Nick Foles.  I think keeping Foles is the best scenario.  He is not very mobile but do you really need to be.  A guy by the name of Tom Brady runs the Option often and effectively.  That guy couldn't get away fast enough from Male Uggs, let alone a blitz. The next few months into the summer should be exciting.  Any season will be better than the last two horrific seasons.  
Giddy up!

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